Sacred Mariposa

Offering Support and Celebration for a Happier, More Meaningful life

Nicolle Foster

Soul Coach

Ordained Celebrant and Officiant

Reiki Master, Energy Worker, Light Weaver

Organic Spa Hairapist and Pamperer



Healing and Support

Mind Body Soul Spirit

* Reiki, energy, and body work
* Transformational Soul Coaching                           
and counseling
* Classes, women’s circles, retreats
* Integrating mind, body, soul and spirit

* Organic Salon and Spa Services
* Organic supplements and Essential Oils


Weddings and Ceremonies

Meaningful Celebrations

* Weddings and Unions
* Rites of Passage
* House Blessings and Cleansings
* Welcoming new child
* Funerals and Celebrations of Life


Hairapy and Pampering

Organic Salon & Spa Services

Organic vegan sustainable ethical yummy hair and pampering services

Offering cuts, colors, highlights, facials, pedicures, and Reiki.

Sacred Mariposa

Welcome!  I am so glad you found me.  

I am passionate about healing, transformation, and holistic care for women and Gaia, which incorporates healing touch, hairapy, Soul Coaching, energy work/body work, and modern day Medicine Woman insight.  

I am honored to share Ceremony, Weddings, Celebrations, Ritual, Womanhood and sacred space for pampering. 

Moon music and magic.  Come celebrate, transform, and play with me.

Finding a balance can be hard,

but healthy living doesn’t have to be

Tired of feeling stuck and frustrated? 
Would you like support and tools to help you thrive?

Soul Coaching

What lights you up?  What do you need to have a meaningful life?  All successful people have mentors and coaches.  Athletes, musicians, business owners, professionals… they all have a team of people to support and guide them.   Having support is necessary for a successful life.

“Nearly thirty years of psychological research paints a clear picture: done right, mentoring programs can positively impact your life.”

I am honored to have worked with profound spiritual masters, medicine women, shamen, and healers for over two decades.  I am excited to share this information with you and support you on your journey!

4 Reasons you need a Professional Mentor/Coach

1. They keep things real.
2. They can relate to the struggle and guide you out of it.
3. They open the right doors for you.
4. They never give up on you — or let you give up on yourself.

Classes Happening Now

Community & Learning!

 Reiki Classes, Discovery Classes, Healing Retreats, Women’s Circles

Goddess groups, women’s circles, nature healing retreats, Reiki classes, and co-creating other classes too, such as making organic bath bombs, friend community gardens, numerology, paint nights, manifesting with the moon, meditating, empath tools, personality types, spirituality, astrology, cacao ceremonies, tea ceremonies, medicine wheels, living sustainably, wellness…