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What is Reiki?

The physical body is the most dense part of our human system, and the last to feel symptoms.  Stress, pain, fear start at energetic level first, then become noticeable in the body if we don’t address the issues.  Addressing the issues at an energetic level can relieve stress at the source, and the affects will then heal the body as well.  Reiki uses the same energy system as Tai Chi, martial arts, Acupressure, connecting to the same source of Life Energy as everything that lives and breathes. Massage therapy focuses primarily on muscles and the physical body. Reiki addresses all layers of the body, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.  Reiki with touch combines massage and energy healing.  

Shamanic Reiki:  May involve journeying between worlds, journeying into the past or future, meeting spirit guides, ancestors, Creator/Great Spirit, spiritual family, or feeling free and out of body floating without the confines of dense earth energy…  and then returning to earth and grounding with Gaia- connecting with energies of the earth, waters, trees, sunlight and starlight and the moon; and finding our place here.

Humans are incredibly complex beings.

For the most part, we are stressed, tired, over worked, depleted, disconnected, unfulfilled.    

At a physical level we have bodies, organs, brains, hearts, systems of digestion, blood flow, thoughts, emotions, memories, programming from family and society, plus electrical, chemical, magnetic, hormonal processes…

At a genetic level, we are the cellular sum total of all of our ancestors.  Everything is encoded in our DNA; our thoughts, experiences, our pasts, our family’s pasts, evolution of humanity, every detail of the universe and everything that every was and will be is stored in the DNA.  And it has been proven that trauma is stored in the DNA for 7 generations.  That’s a lot of baggage.

At an existential level, our energy has always existed and will always exist.  Currently we are trying out the experience of being humans here on Earth. But at the purest level, we are energy, light, vibration…  Everything living is light bound into matter.  Read that again.  Beneath our skin, between our muscles, between the organs, neurons, and cellular particles, is vibrating energy.  Cells are vibration.  Light is vibration.   Sound is vibration.

As humans, we forget all this.  It’s hard adulting.

However, our body is perfectly designed to heal itself.  We are genetically designed to thrive.  Only our thoughts and negative energies work against that.   When we are in flow, in balance, at peace, our bodies know what to do to be well.  Reiki connects you to that gentle space between, connected to the safe nurturing womb of the universe, connected to the heartbeat of time, nebulas, starlight, forests, mountains, the pulse of the earth.  That is the space and vibration where we are balanced and well.

Vibration is everything. And every vibration has its own frequency. The planet has a vibration, as do trees, sunbeams, bees humming, our heartbeat… all hum naturally at 528 hz.  Nature in balance vibrates at 528hz.  It is the frequency of life itself.  By exposing the mind and body to the Solfeggio frequencies during Reiki, you can easily achieve a greater sense of balance and deep healing.

Reiki incorporates healing touch,  Solfeggio music and essentail oils that help balance and soothe your energy.

Soul Coaching

Want to really go deep and make lasting changes in your life?  Soul Coaching is a deep, life altering journey.  Together we will work through the steps of discovery, transformation and breakthrough to create the life you are passionate about.  This program includes total support- one on one coaching sessions, Reiki sessions, on-going support, reflection, and accountability.

Reiki Healing Touch

This includes gentle touch and hand placements on the body while you are lying face up on a massage table, starting with steam towel facial, then gentle massage of hands, arms, neck, head, and feet.  Reiki is gently given during the massage, and may include reflexology, pressure points, earth grounding, and chakra clearing.  

If you are curious to learn more or book a session with me, please press the button below to Contact Me!

AromaTouch and Reiki

The AromaTouch Technique is a simple yet powerful way to provide every individual with healing touch and an essential oil experience.  Each essential oil in the AromaTouch Technique uses Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.   The AromaTouch Technique is about connecting with another person on an emotional level, in a safe, healing environment, and allowing the body to return to balance and wholeness. 

Testimonials from Clients

Shared  from a family member, about Shamanic Reiki sessions, performed over a period of several months on a friend who had cancer… “He did not identify as a spiritual person, but  Reiki changed his life.  Working with Nicolle over time brought him comfort and ease and allowed him to step into the light with joy and peace, and pulled together an entire group of people around the globe in community support and prayer.  We are certain if we had started sooner, he would be alive now. ”  ~Penelope

“My side effects of chemo were half of what they were the previous week.  Reiki held the really bad chemo side effects at bay.”  ~Emilie

“Nicolle’s gentle touch (the softest/gentlest touch I know of) relaxes me to the core.  Her energy quietly works with mine, as she transports me to the mountains, where I am floating on the lake in the sunshine.  Her energy bolsters me for days, and gives me stamina to face overwhelming responsibilities of life.”  ~Sue